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 Year One Curriculum Information 2016/17
                  Terms 3&4

                   Miss Kirk

First of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I would also like to say a BIG Thank you to all of you for your very generous Christmas wishes, cards and presents. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are feeling refreshed for the new year.

A massive congratulations to all of the children on their hard work so far. They have all settled in very well to the new Y1 curriculum and are making very pleasing progress.

Below are a few changes to the general routine for the children in Terms 3 and 4:
Plan Do Review- The children will be having a reduced time for Plan Do Review. I believe they are all at a stage now where they are settled and comfortable working within the Y1 Curriculum and therefore do not need the full afternoon sessions for Plan Do Review. These sessions are put in place for the transition between Reception to Year One. In reducing this time it also give the children much more opportunity to develop further in Science, History and Geography.

Monday Afternoons- These will be covered by Mrs Buckley, who will be taking the children for a PE slot and Show and Tell session. Show and tell will again be focusing on the children’s phonics sounds. A rota for show and tell is sent out every week at the bottom of the homework.

PE- Our PE sessions will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Please ensure children have a named PE kit in for those days. We will be covering Dance, Ball Skills and Gymnastics.

Phonics Screening- The children will be taking part in a phonics screening assessment in June. I will shortly be sending out a letter which provides you with detail about the phonics screening and what it entails. I will also provide you with an example of some of the phonics words which have been seen on previous screenings to give you an idea on what the test involves. There is a focus on real and ‘alien’ words.

                                                                                         Our learning in Year One
                                                                                                  Spring Term
A brief description of the Y1 curriculum for Terms 3 and 4 follows. However, please note that assessment guides planning and teaching for the class, so some pupils may require further support, whereas others will need extending and challenging.

English- Our English focus for Terms 3 and 4 will be stories based on familiar settings and traditional stories. We will also be looking at some poetry. Our non-fiction work will focus on writing information texts and captions. Pupils will continue to follow the Jolly Phonics Grammar Scheme and deepening their phonic knowledge. There will be a strong focus on looking at split digraphs. This links with our grammar work which focuses on sentence building strategies and looking at nouns, adjectives and exploring different tenses. Pupils will have the opportunity to work in a role-play situation and take part in various drama activities.

Maths- Our daily maths lessons will continue to focus on numbers to twenty, adding, subtracting, making sequences and patterns and applying this knowledge to money. There will be an emphasis on the problem solving aspect of maths and we will have problem solving sessions to apply our learning to a range of different situations. We will also be working on measurement of length and time (calendar and clock) and recognising a range of 2D and 3D shapes.

ICT- Pupils will continue to visit the ICT suite on a Monday morning. Our computing topics for Term 3 and 4 are; ‘We are painters’ and ‘We are collectors’. We be stressing the importance of using the internet safely and learning continuously about e-safety. Computing will be used to support all curriculum areas whenever possible.

Science-The Science module for the term is learning about ‘Everyday Materials’. This is alongside the module ‘Seasonal Change’ which is being covered throughout the year. These will both be taught with an emphasis on practical investigation and exploration.

Topic- For History in Terms 3 and 4, the children will be researching and learning about the lives of influential people. For this we will be looking at Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake.

Religious Education- In RE we will be looking at 'special books' in different religions.

Art and Design/ Design and Technology- Our art work will have a focus developing painting skills. We will be exploring and looking at various different paintings by the artist Van Gogh. In DT we will be exploring ‘Sliders and Leavers’.

Music/ PHSE- We will continue to follow the ‘Music Express’ scheme for our music lessons and the SEAL programme for PSHE.

Thank you all very much for your support so far, I am thoroughly enjoying teaching your children and look forward to another successful term.
Best Wishes,
Miss Kirk.