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Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter 2016

 Mrs Rowley and Mrs Hodgson

Your child in Year 2 will be expected to be much more independent in terms of personal organisation and work tasks this year as they will notice a change in the level of adult support in the classroom. Mrs Hissey will be in class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Mrs Norman on Friday morning. In practical terms, this means that teaching assistants will no longer be checking through book-bags and contact books on a daily basis, and that children will need to develop greater independence in organising themselves for the day ahead and ensuring that they have everything they need at home-time.

Book Bags:

Book bags and Home Contact Books need to be brought to school every day. Please write the title of the book and date in the contact book each time your child brings a new book home. This helps us keep track of how regularly the children are changing their books. A brief comment on their reading experience is useful but is not always necessary and we would be pleased to see children writing these comments themselves. Please encourage your child to share a book with you every day to ensure they progress well. Where confident readers are enjoying reading children’s novels independently, it is not necessary to ask them to read aloud on a daily basis. However, it is still important to spend time discussing their reading, to develop their comprehension skills, and exploring the meaning of more complex vocabulary.

Home contact books will be checked by both of us on a Monday afternoon.  As the children are older and more independent, we are training them to bring their contact books to us if they have an urgent note during the week. They will not be checked every day as they were in Year 1. If you have a concern or a more detailed query, it is preferable to speak to one of us in person after school or at another mutually convenient time.

Show and tell:

There is a ‘Show and tell’ session on Monday afternoon. As we usually have time for no more than six children, our table groups take it in turns to participate. We will send a note home with the dates for different groups each term. Please encourage children to bring items related to our class themes. Birthday gifts will be shown at the Birthday Assembly on the Monday following a child’s birthday and achievement certificates can be brought in on a Friday to be shown in Celebration Assembly.

In addition we may well ask children to bring in relevant books or to find out facts on an ad hoc basis. This is not necessarily communicated to parents but helps to foster independence in the children and may be rewarded with team points.

Physical Education:

Please ensure that your children have their PE kits with them every day (and that their names are in each item of clothing). If your child cannot participate in PE for any reason please send in a written note to us on the day. Please ensure that children with long hair have a hair band. Finally, for health and safety reasons, earrings and other jewellery should be left at home on PE days – which are Monday and Tuesday in Term 1.

Dates and events

Year 2 will have their end of Key Stage assessments during term 5. We will have a meeting later in the year to discuss this format.

There will be a trip to the Museum of London and St Paul’s Cathedral in November and another one to the Horton Kirby Outdoor Education Centre in Term 6.


We will send a spelling pattern home for the children to investigate on a Monday and will give them a dictation on a Friday to assess their learning.

 All other homework will be displayed on the website. Your child will generally receive one piece of topic related homework, Maths and English each week. Homework will be set on a Wednesday and it will generally be required in for the following week (Monday).Homework is set for the child to complete independently and it is helpful if you can indicate where support and guidance has been given. Please encourage your child to complete their homework by the deadlines. In addition to this, your child will have a reading book with the expectation that they read for at least 10 minutes per night.   


Children are in mixed table groups, such as Asia and Africa, for registration and for cross curricular work. They are in ability groups for Reading, Writing and Maths – these groups are pretty flexible and will change regularly. Children will get used to this and enjoy working with different children.

 Learning and behaviour expectations:

We set high standards for children in the learning environment. It is important for your child to remember that they are now the oldest children in Key Stage One, therefore setting an example to the younger children. Good behaviour and learning are rewarded with house points, extra Golden Time, stickers, and Gold Star awards. Sanctions will be used if children repeatedly misbehave, or do not listen to adults/follow instructions. Such consequences will include losing a proportion of Golden Time or missing minutes from their playtime. Children always have the opportunity to gain time back for Golden Time when they are behaving in a positive way.

 Offers of help:

Help is always appreciated and makes a real impact on achievement. This may be through escorting children on school visits, reading with children, or helping out at clubs.


  • If your child is absent, please send in a written note on the day of return, even if you have already spoken to the school office.
  • If your child needs medication, you must fill in a form at the reception.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to borrow a book from the school Library. Our Library day is Thursday.

 Snacks and lunches

As per the healthy eating policy, please ensure that your child's snacks and lunchboxes do not contain any nuts, as there are children who are allergic to them. Please try to ensure your child always has a filled water bottle in school and that all snacks brought in must be fruit.

 Thank you for your support. We are very much looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

 Mrs Rowley and Mrs Hodgson