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Curriculum Newsletter Term 1 and 2  2016-2017

Thank you for attending your child's curriculum information meeting today. I hope you feel your questions have been answered. This newsletter summarizes the main curriculum points we will be covering this year and other points to note. Please feel free to speak to me about any questions or concerns that may arise. I will generally be available after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Owing to staff meetings I will be unable to see you after school on Tuesdays.
I generally welcome drop-ins, although making an appointment will ensure I can allocate quality discussion time with you. You may also contact me to make an appointment for a time later in the day if you have other commitments directly after school.

Coming into Year 3 is an important transition for your child and we are well aware of the adjustments s/he will need to make. It is our aim to make the transition as easy as possible and we will naturally make allowances as we all get used to a new routine, new expectations and the absence of an afternoon break! It is our wish at Stocks Green, however, to see our pupils become increasingly independent in all areas of school life, and to welcome challenge.


The list below states the units of work we will be covering during the next two terms. Whenever possible, learning will be cross-curricular.
Our overall topic for Terms 1 and 2 is the Savage Stone Age. If your child has any topic-related books or items, we would love for them to tell us about them during their Show&Tell slot.

English -
Adventure/quest stories, fables, instructions, traditional poems, letters and recounts

Maths – Place value, all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), 2D shapes and symmetry, fractions, time, money

Science – Rocks and soils, material properties

Art & Design – Painting with natural materials, cave paintings, rock etchings, Claude Monet

DT – Textiles (sewing)

French – Greetings, classroom language, numbers, body parts, weather expressions

Topic (History and Geography) - Key aspects of physical geography (mountains, rivers, earthquakes, volcanoes), settlements, Stonehenge, life in prehistoric Britain, tools

Computing - Programming an animation (Scratch/PowerPoint), Finding and correcting bugs in programs

Music –For terms 1-4 our music teaching will be based on learning to play the recorder and read notation with Cheryl Blake on a Friday afternoon. Singing and composition will be also be included on an ad/hoc basis.

PE - Ball skills and games, gymnastics

PSHE – New beginnings (SEAL)

RE – Judaism (celebrations, signs and symbols); Christmas and Advent

Homework will be set each Tuesday to be handed in on the following Monday. I will include notes to explain the task where necessary. Homework will consist of a variety of tasks (differentiated where necessary), including maths, English and topic.
I will reward one team point for all homework handed in on time and an additional one or two team points for work of good quality. Please encourage your child to complete assignments on time and bring their work in on a Monday. We often share, evaluate and use homework within the lessons on a Monday, so late homework results in missing out on those opportunities. 
As well as the subject tasks, times tables and spellings will also be assessed on a weekly basis, to identify your child’s strengths and areas of focus.
Please read through the task instructions carefully before completing the work with your child. We no longer keep a homework book in Lower Key Stage 2 but instead the tasks are completed on paper and then either stuck in the relevant subject book or used for display. All children will have a homework folder to take the instructions home and return completed homework in.

Children should spend around 1hr 30mins doing their homework. Homework should generally be completed in pencil, please, unless instructed otherwise. All work must be dated and titled.

In addition, please read with your child on a regular basis. This should be enjoyable for the both of you, not a chore! Your child should take responsibility for his/her reading record but please sign it once a week to say you have heard your child read. Comments are welcome and encouraged but not a necessity. Children are to record at least two comments every week.
You and your child may find the supporting questions at the back of the reading record useful.
Reading records must be handed in along with the all homework on Monday mornings.

A hard copy of the homework will be sent home with your child. Please pop into class for a spare if you need one. Details of each week’s homework can also be found on the school website: www.stocks-green.kent.sch.uk

Most learning in English and Maths will consist of whole class teaching input, followed by independent or group tasks with pupils grouped according to ability. The teacher will work with different groups of pupils and Mrs Norman will be in school for several mornings each week to support pupils with their learning. Guided reading groups are also comprised of pupils of similar ability.
Normal home seats are not decided by ability and will change regularly. This encourages children to make new friends, support one another and develop their social communication skills. Groupings in other subjects are dependent on the nature of the learning and task, differentiation will be provided where necessary.

Feedback following work completed
Children will be aware of the Learning Objectives for their lessons and what I am looking for in the task they are completing. Where possible, and especially in English, I will annotate their work with suggestions, questions or prompts relating to the Learning Objective, for them to respond to. Areas of success will be commented on in green pen, areas for development and key questions to consider will be written in red pen (in accordance with our school’s marking and feedback policy). The children will also be assessing their efforts through evaluating their own and others work, giving the children the opportunity to reflect on what they have completed and give positive feedback.

Learning and behaviour expectations
I expect the children to learn and behave in accordance with the school and classroom rules. I expect them to listen fully during teaching time and not to disturb anyone else. Children should contribute to class discussion and work to their full potential at all times. It is vital that children learn to become more independent and resilient in this year, as these skills will serve them well throughout their learning and school life in general. Please support this, wherever possible.

Rewards and sanctions
Good work and behaviour will result in team points, class points and weekly certificates in celebration assembly. I believe in having a positive approach with the children and will praise them regularly and wherever I can.

Warnings will be given to the children before a sanction follows. This may take the form of missing a playtime or using their time to complete unfinished work. All of the class have contributed to a set of classroom rules and are aware of the sanctions procedure in the case of unacceptable behaviour.

PE lessons take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has a complete named PE kit, including warm kit suitable for outdoor PE (e.g. tracksuit and trainers) on their pegs in school. No jewellery is allowed during PE; please make sure that it is kept at home. Children with long hair should have it tied back at all times. If your child cannot participate in PE for any reason please send a written note on the day.

Even though you will have reported your child’s absence on the telephone to the office staff, please also supply a written note on the day your child returns to school.


If your child needs to take medication during the school day (including throat lozenges), you must come to the school office to fill in a form. Any medication kept in school must be named, please.

Children are not provided with a snack in Year 3. Therefore parents should pack an appropriate snack, e.g. a piece of fruit or vegetables, should their child like one.

Show and Tell
We will do Show&Tell at the end of the day during the school week. Each child is assigned a day – please see the rota provided (spares in classroom) – and has roughly 5 minutes to talk to the class, followed by a short Q&A session. Please encourage children to prepare appropriately for their S&T day. Children may bring materials to support their presentation, e.g. notes, photographs, PowerPoint slides or even Minecraft videos! The focus of this term’s S&T is ‘Ourselves’, so children may centre their presentation on anything that is important to them, e.g. a hobby, family member, item, etc. Due to the time constraints, I would ask for no more than two items to be brought in. Please check your child understands that items may be damaged if they let children pass them around and to choose carefully what they bring in. Show&Tell’s relating to our learning in class are also greatly welcomed.

Offers of help
Support with reading and other classroom activities throughout the school (in a class that is not your child's) is always welcome. If you would like to help in school on a regular basis please let me know or contact the office.

Thank you for your support. I very much look forward to working with you and your child this year.


Miss V Richards