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  Class 3Curriculum Newsletter Terms 5&6

                           Welcome back to the new term! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break and you were able to enjoy the fantastic weather.   


The list below states the units of work we will be covering during the next two terms. Whenever possible, learning will be cross-curricular Continued assessment will of course shape how and when lessons are delivered, e.g. we may discover a certain aspect in maths requires longer than a week to 'crack'. 

For the next two terms we have split the creative curriculum into two units. In Term 5 we are exploring bees and why they are so important to us in 'Bee Mission'. In our lest term together (Term 6) we will learn all about the 'Cut Throat Celts'. 


English – mystery/adventure stories developing different narrative techniques, playscripts, performance poetry

Maths –  3-D Shapes, doubling and halving, division facts, measuring in ml and l, reading the time to the nearest minute, calculating intervals of time, money (giving change), fractions, multiplication and division methods

Science – Light and shadows, plants, e.g. growing our own vegetables and herbs

Art & Design – Botanical drawings, observational sketches, Marianne North

DT – Healthy eating, sewing

French – Body parts, likes and dislikes, age and birthdays, items of clothing

Geography – Map skills, land use, rivers

History – Local history, chronological understanding of time, exploring how historians piece together history

Computing – Videoing performance (shosholoza), making an animation to a soundtrack (I was walking through the...), coding, communicating safely on the internet

Music – Composing, exploring sound colours and descricptive sound

PE – Dance, ball skills (throwing, catching), athletics, cricket

PSHE – SEAL scheme – Relationships; Changes

RE – Islam (rites of passage), sikhism (worship and community)

MFL - Age and birthdays, weather expressions, likes and dislikes, places in town

A few reminders:

Warm weather

Now that spring has finally arrived back in Kent, (hopefully) lots of warm and sunny weather is on its way, too. Please make sure to provide a full water bottle, sun hat and sun cream to protect your child from the heat on hotter days.  


Please encourage your child to complete and hand in assignments on time. Reviewing the homework in partners or showing our work is an important part of the children’s learning; it is therefore a shame if anyone misses out on the opportunity. Work should always be completed on the provided sheets, as these are trimmed to fit their books, form a whole-class display and usually include a date and title (which saves time in class). Please feel free to contact me for replacement sheets should you need one or if you are unsure about the instructions.

Children should spend around 1hr 30mins doing their homework. Homework should be completed in pencil, not biro, please.

Some tasks will be more challenging for your child than others, this helps identify areas that require further support and practise at home (as well as in class).

In addition, please read with your child on a regular basis. Your child should take responsibility for his/her reading record but please sign it once a week to say you have heard your child read. Comments are welcome and encouraged (not mandatory).

Reading records must be handed in along with the all homework on Monday mornings.

A hard copy of the homework will be sent home with your child. Please pop into class for a spare if you need one. Details of each week’s homework can also be found on the school website: www.stocks-green.kent.sch.uk


PE lessons take place on Wednesday afternoons, as well as alternating Fridays.   

Please ensure your child always has a named PE kit in school.  


Please may I remind parents to clearly label any pots, bottles, bags or clothing items; this helps classroom logistics run smoothly and makes it easier to retrieve any lost items.


Thank you for your continued support.


Best wishes,


Miss V Richards