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Spring term 2017


We will be continuing with new curriculum which you can view the yearly overview on the website.

Maths and Literacy will have a high priority and we will cover all the old aspects of the old curriculum and some areas of the revised new national curriculum. This is due to the end of Year SATS still being based on the old curriculum. The new maths curriculum has developed a mastery aspect, where children do not progress to the next year’s topics but broaden their knowledge within the Year 6 objectives. In Literacy we will look at a novel a term throughout the year but will also use similar texts or stimuli associated around the topic of the chosen novel. We will incorporate many styles of writing from story narratives, chronological reports, non-chronological reports, poetry, diary, persuasive and writing from different points of view.

The book we will look at this term is by David Almond Called 'Skellig'

In History we will studying a World War 2

In Science we will be going to the Tonbridge School for  three weeks to carry out some science experiments there.

In P.E. we will pursue the skills indoor ball games. Your children may also have the opportunity to represent the school as part of football, netball, athletics, tag rugby, cricket and swimming teams. 

ICT will be used as much as possible in Year 6 and the children will be introduced to the new computing curriculum and learn more coding. It is really important to me that while the children are educated in the use of different technologies and the internet, and they understand that it while having fun they also need to stay E-safe!

IN PSHE we will be having a visit from ADAD theatre group to 


The plan for homework will continue as:

Monday- SPAG due in Monday to be marked in class

Tuesday- Maths to be handed in Friday to be marked in class

Wednesday- Independent reading for 30 minutes

Thursday- Topic due in following Tuesday/This may well be project based whereby the children will be given 2 or 3 weeks to complete and the children will need to manage their own time accordingly to complete 

Friday- Spellings-these will be related to the spelling rule or topic words. It is important not only children learn the rules but also be able to use the words in context and understand the words. We will have a spelling test as well on a Friday; this will take the form of a dictation.

The children should continue to read daily at home. They should be encouraged to read a full range of books and visit their local library if possible. It is also important to hear your child read at least twice a week. They should also keep their tables fresh and up-to-date.


Children will be aware of the Learning Objectives for their lessons and what I am looking for in the task they are completing. Where possible, and especially in Literacy, I will annotate their work with suggestions, questions or prompts relating to the Learning Objective, for them to respond to. Also the children will be assessing work through marking their own and others work giving the children the opportunity to reflect on what they have completed and give positive feedback.

Learning and behaviour expectations

I expect the children to learn and behave in accordance with the school and classroom rules. I expect them to listen fully during teaching time and not to disturb anyone else. Children should contribute to class discussion and work to their full potential at all times.

Rewards and sanctions

Good work and behaviour will result in team points, child of the week, top boy and girl, class golden time and weekly certificates in celebration assembly. I believe in having a positive approach with the children and will praise them regularly and wherever I can.

Warnings will be given to the children before a sanction follows. This may take the form of missing a playtime or using their time to complete unfinished work. All of the class have contributed to a set of classroom rules and are aware of the sanctions procedure in the case of bad behaviour.

Time to discuss any issues

Please see me if you have any queries regarding your child. I would also encourage the children, as a reflection of their age, to come and speak to me themselves. This might be to relieve a worry before going home, or after having discussed it with their parents. I think it is important for the children to start to think for themselves and work out how to solve problems independently if they can. Obviously, any larger issues should be dealt with me directly. Tuesday or Wednesday are best days to catch me as I have childcare responsibilities Monday and Thursday.

PE kit

Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school every day of the week. If your child is unable to do PE, please supply a written note as to the reason why. Please note that if your child has long hair, they will need to have it tied back with a soft hair band and on colder days they can bring in tracksuit bottoms and a warm top to wear as PE will continue in all weathers!!

Thank you very much for attending today and I look forward to meeting and working with you. Class 6 have made a very positive start to year 6 and I am grateful for the support

Joe Endersby