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In term 5 our theme will be 'The wonderful world of plants and trees’


In term 6 our theme will be 'Animal Stories’


Areas of Learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In term 5 we will follow the PSED whole school unit ‘Relationships’, in which we will talk about how we make and keep friends by always considering the feelings of others and by finding ways to negotiate to solve differences. In term 6, as we begin to think about moving up the school, we will follow the PSED unit ‘Changes’ which will help prepare children for the move to Year 1.

Communication and Language

The children will have lots of speaking and listening opportunities and will be encouraged to share their ideas in small and large groups. Each day 2 'special planners' will be chosen to review their play with the rest of the class. 'Show and tell' opportunities and 'circle time' are designed to develop children's confidence when speaking to a large group. In terms 5 and 6 there will be opportunities to act out stories and to explore the motives of characters with ‘hot-seating’ activities.

Physical Development

Through child-initiated and teacher-led activities, the children will have opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills.  There will be regular use of the forest area, the climbing equipment and the sit-on vehicles. In terms 5 and 6 as the weather improves, there will be greater use of the outside areas and lessons will be planned specifically to take advantage of the school grounds. Use of the school field and playground will allow children to practise ball skills more regularly.


We will continue to learn three 'tricky words' per week. In group and class work, we will begin to apply our developing phonic knowledge to read and write short sentences and we will begin to link them together to write stories. We will practise letter formation on a weekly basis. As a class, we will share a number of stories related to our topics and we will undertake research using 'information' books and the internet. In terms 5 and 6 we will introduce Guided Reading sessions. In Guided Reading, small groups of children share and discuss a story or non-fiction book guided by a teacher or TA.


In terms 5 and 6 we will continue to investigate ways to calculate and solve number problems including addition, subtraction, grouping and sharing. We will record our findings using 'number sentences'. We will investigate ways to measure capacity and time. We will use money in our roleplay areas to buy and sell goods. During child-initiated activities, children will have many opportunities to reinforce and apply their mathematical knowledge.

Understanding the World

In term 5 we will grow potatoes, sunflowers, beans and other plants from seed. We will think about growing and changing. We will study the natural world around us and consider why some fruit is grown in other countries with warmer climates. In term 6 we will find out about how to care for animals as well as thinking about difference and similarities in the animal world. We will explore the school grounds looking for mini-beasts and pond-dipping. We will visit an animal park and talk to pet owners about their pets. In ICT we will learn to programme the Beebots and we will use a range of technologies including iPads. We will begin to visit the ICT suite in groups.

Expressive Art and Design

Using the resources available in the creative and construction areas, in the outside classroom and in the woodland, the children will be encouraged to express their ideas using a variety of media. In addition we will learn songs related to our themes and find different ways of expressing ourselves through music and movement. In term 5, to link with our topic, the roleplay area will become a ‘Garden Centre’. In term 6 it will themed as a ‘Pet Shop’.

Useful information about Terms 5 and 6

Year R will perform their Class Assembly at 9am on Thursday 25th May – parents are welcome to attend.

Sports Day:  The children are asked to wear T-shirts in their team colours for this event. The colours are as follows:

Jenner – Green

Nightingagle – Red

King – Blue

Frank – Yellow

In term 6 we will spend the day at Druscilla's Animal Park – this links with our unit about animals. The date set for this is Wednesday 11h July.