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The Governors, Head Teacher and Staff in partnership with parents have a duty to promote full attendance at Stocks Green Primary School.

Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child(ren) attend school regularly and arrive on time. Regular attendance is essential to the all-round development of the child and they should be allowed to take full advantage of educational opportunities available to them. Poor attendance undermines their education and sometimes, puts pupils at risk, encouraging anti-social behaviour.

It is the parents’ responsibility to contact the school on the first day their child is absent . This is a safeguarding issue requirement so that all parties know that your child is safe. Parents should regularly update the school and inform on when their child is returning.

 Pupils are expected to arrive by 8.50 am. All pupils that arrive late must report, with their parent to the school office where the reason for lateness is recorded.

Timeline of School Action for Poor Attendance

  • 95 - 100% attendance - class teacher to investigate and notify Gilly Francis (school attendance officer) of concerns. Gilly to contact parent if appropriate.
  • 90 - 95% attendance - school intervention letters/meeting with parents – consider Penalty Notice or Early Help Notification.
  • Below 90% - Where the absences have not been authorised, we consult with the Local Authority School Liaison Officer and a referral to PRU, Inclusion and Attendance   Service may be considered.

Each school day comprises 2 sessions

Children are required by law to attend school for 190 days per year. The Government states that every pupil’s attendance should be at least 95%.

Attendance during one year

Equals days absent

Number of half day sessions absent

Approximate weeks absent

Number of lessons missed

1 day = 5 lessons


9 days

18 sessions

2 weeks

  50 lessons


19 days

38 sessions

4 weeks

100 lessons


29 days

58 sessions

6 weeks

150 lessons


38 days

76 sessions

8 weeks

200 lessons


48 days

96 sessions

10 weeks

250 lessons


57 days

114 sessions

11.5 weeks

290 lessons


67 days

134 sessions

13.5 weeks

340 lessons

Being late for registration will also lower a pupil’s attendance.


The Department for Education's (DfE) 2013  changes to The Education (Pupil Registration)(England) Regulations 2006 have removed all reference to family holiday and extended leave, as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days.

  •  From 1 September 2013, headteachers are now unable to agree leave of absence for family holidays of any length during term time.
  •  Application for any leave must be sent in a letter to the Headteacher in advance.
  • Other leave will also not be authorised unless there are specific, unavoidable, exceptional circumstances.
  • Should absence be agreed, headteachers can specify the number of days a pupil will be allowed to be absent from school. 
  • Where leave of absence is not agreed and the pupil is out of school or the pupil is away longer than was agreed or an application has not been made in advance, the absence is recorded as unauthorised. 
  • Headteachers cannot give retrospective approval.
  • Where leave of absence is taken for a holiday that has not been authorised,  the local authority may issue a Penalty Notice
  • Penalty Notices are issued to each parent for each child who is absent without the agreement of the headteacher.
  • Penalty Notices carry a fine of £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days increasing to £120 per parent per child if paid between 22-28 days.
  • There is no right of appeal against the issuing of a Penalty Notice because the authorisation of absence is the sole responsibility of the headteacher.
  • Where Penalty Notice(s) are unpaid, the local authority may consider taking legal action under Section 444(1) Education Act 1996 for failure to ensure a child’s regular attendance at school.
  • If this happens, the case will take place before magistrates who could issue the maximum fine of £1000 per parent per child for this offence