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Welcome to our wondrous website!

Here you will find homework, updates and sneak peaks of our class learning.


Homework will be set each Tuesday to be handed in on the following Monday. Please follow the instructions carefully and ask me any questions you may have, should anything be unclear. The homework will either be stuck in the relevant subject book or used for displays. 

Update: Following feedback from parents and students, spellings will now be handed out on Tuesdays (along with the rest of the homework) and tested on Mondays. 

You should spend around 1hr 30mins doing your homework. Homework should be completed in pencil, not biro, please. All work must be dated and titled. 

Set: Tuesday 27th June 2017

Due: Monday 10th July 2017

Listen to our learning

We are rehearsing The Bug Chant by Toni Mitton in class 

This is Year 3 rehearsing our harvest song:  


Our Photo Gallery

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We gave some bedding plants a new home outside our classroom 

Despite the wind, we had a fantastic time at the Living Land Show 

Admire the variety of our creative 3-D structures

Having fun painting our blossom trees 

Easter celebrations 

We forgot to take swimsuits! Our wet but nevertheless fantastic day at Drusilla's:

Admiring projects at the Science Fair

 Science Wizard Workshop

Creating 3D structures

Book Week - Guess the title! 

The force is with you... exploring magnets 

Creating explanation texts for Willy Wonka 

Coordinates battleships 

African sunset pictures 

Making volcanoes 

Snaps from our weekly PE sessions

Book Fair Bonanza 

Hansel&Gretel with gingerbread 

Pizza Fractions 

Limestone test 

Mixing an autumn palette 

French fortune tellers 

Cupcake Conundrums Maths 

Guide dogs for the blind fundraising day 

Our day with Badger Bushcraft 

Heavenly Harvest Homework

Comparing and sorting rocks 

Coding on the ipads 

Learning our story map 

Problem-solving with cups 

Painting under our desks