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Welcome to the Year 5 Webpage. Please use this page to find class updates and information, including homework.

Kidzania Update

I've tried to update you all already on the situation, so in summary: Kidzania have agreed for us to transfer our booking to another date with no additional charge, but it looks likely that if we re-book we'll have to pay again for transport. We are trying to find a suitable date but it is unlikely to be this term.

The children (and staff) were very disappointed, but they were mindful of the dreadful incident that caused the cancellation and handled it with a maturity which was a great credit to them, and you. Further information will follow.


Tonbridge School Community Day 28.6.17

We will be visiting the school for a day of learning activities, along with many other local schools. Normally I would have full details of the day by now which I could publish, but despite chasing I am still waiting. Last year I registered the children here as normal, we were then all collected by Tonbridge School and spent the day there. We were then brought back by them to here at around 4pm.

As soon as I have further details I will write to you again, apologies for the delay which is outside my control.

Homework for this week

Previous homework

Homework - general advice

In preparation for secondary school, it important that the pupils are given tasks daily to work on at home and hand in on a given date .This will be recorded in their homework diaries – which MUST be in school every day. Tasks set will reinforce and extend the teaching in class and may sometimes involve a research project. In order to keep to a routine, the same homework schedule will be used for both year 5 and 6.

We acknowledge that some pupils do activities outside school and to cater for this, some ease is given for hand in days. We do, however, recommend that time is set aside daily for homework to be completed. Year 5/6 are expected to do 30 minutes a day.

Subjects to cover:



Reading comprehension

Foundation subject topic or Science

Reading a book or passage

Typical Year 5 Weekly Homework Schedule.

Day homework is set


Hand in


English Grammar

Following Monday





Reading comprehension



Foundation topic or science

Date will be given as this may be a longer piece of work


Spellings – word tasks and spelling to learn for a weekly test the following Friday

Following Friday

Your weekly homework schedule is outlined above. If you need extra photocopies, come and see me, where possible, I will save your tasks as pdfs just in case you forget to take your sheet home.

Here's the link to our Times Table Challenge. Remember, if you beat your own best time, bring me your score and I will swap it for Team points.

If you beat our current leader's time, I will give you 10 points.

If you can beat my best time,  I will give you 20 points!