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Class 3  

Welcome to our wondrous website!

Here you will find homework, updates and sneak peaks of our class learning.

Homework: Due in Monday 20th November

Apologies for the confusing homework this week - the homework below will now be handed out on Tuesday next week, as usual and the due date will be Monday 20th November. If your child has already finished the tasks below - well done! If not, don't worry they have a full week to complete it. 

Thank you for your wonderful "house for the future" pictures; some really imaginative work, well done!

Please use the paper provided as it is trimmed to size so it can be stuck into your class work books.


With a parent/carer/sibling or friend, please play the addition game on the attached sheet. Have fun!

English / Topic:

After our work last week on Skara Brae, I would like you to imagine that you are a Neolithic Estate Agent who is trying to sell a house on Skara Brae. Please design a poster that will persuade someone to buy the house. Why would it be a perfect place for a Stone Age family to live? Why will it keep them safe and warm? What can be found in the house to keep them comfortable? Where are the houses found? Are they near to a source of food? You can design your poster in any way you wish, with pictures and words that will make me want to buy the house!


This week we are learning about adding the suffix -ly to words, turning adjectives into adverbs. If you wish to challenge yourself please use these words in sentences but you do not need to return these sentences with your homework.

happily  angrily   lazily   easily   busily

greedily  messily   wearily   cheekily   clumsily

Show and Tell:

Monday 13th November  Nightingale

Monday 20th November  King

Monday 27th November  Frank

Monday 4th December  Jenner

 Wednesday 22nd November: Kent Life

Next week the children will be visiting Kent Life on their school trip. Information has been sent through from Kent Life and children are being encouraged to dress up as archaeologists / time team members. Please note some of their learning will be outside so please ensure they are wearing sensible shoes and have warm clothes / waterproof coats. Thank  you.