Class 3  

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Homework: Due in Monday 22nd January

Thank you to those who completed their homework this week.


With adult supervision please explore the range of multiplication games on the following website:

Which is your favourite?


As part of our work in class on our key text, please invent your own firework and write a short description of it. What is it called? Can you describe the magic ingredients that go into it? Where do you find these ingredients? What does it look like when it explodes? Let your imagination go!

Please complete this in pencil on lined paper.


This week we are learning about words which have had the vowel suffix –er, -ed and –ing addd. If you wish to challenge yourself please use these words in sentences but you do not need to return these sentences with your homework.

gardener        gardening       limited            limiting           offering

offered          benefited       benefiting      focused

Show and Tell:

Monday 22nd January           Jenner

Monday 29th January           Nightingale

Monday  5th February           King

Please continue to read at home on your own and/or to an adult. Try to do this for at least 10 minutes each day.