Governor Profiles  

Governor Profiles


Colin Black

Dr Colin Black was elected Parent Governor in 2013 and chairs the Finance and Premises Committee. He has 3 children at the school and lives locally. In his spare time he manages a team of Transport Planners for consulting firm Arcadis.

Claire Rowley

Deputy Headteacher

I have been a teacher at Stocks Green School since February 2008. I was a Parent Governor at Stocks Green School when my children were in KS1 and before I worked here. At present, in my role as Deputy Head Teacher, I am an associate governor which means that I attend FGB meetings and am on the Finance and Premises Committee however I do not have a vote. I have 16 year old triplets in Year 12 who are now in the sixth form.

Dave Wallace

Co-opted by Governing Body on 01.09.15

David Braithwaite

Co-opted by Governing Body on 01.09.15


Diana Ayling

I have lived in Hildenborough for over 40 years. I have been a governor at the school for 8 years, and I have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren.

I worked at Stocks Green Pre-school for 10 years as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), so I have a special interest in the Early Years in school, and in the process of identifying and supporting children with Special Educational Needs. As a result, I am the Early Years and SEN Governor.

My hobbies are gardening, pilates and playing badminton.

I come in to school as often as I can, and it is always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm for learning from the children and the dedication and commitment from all the staff. 

June Cooke

Co-opted by Governing Body on 30.03.16

Jill Johnson

Finance Officer and Associate Governor

Pauline Crowhurst


I have been Headteacher at Stocks Green since September 2012 and in this time have had the pleasure of working with a proactive and supportive Governing body. Prior to this , I was a Governor for several years at Ightham Primary School , where I was Deputy Headteacher.

As Headteacher , I sit on all 3 committees of the Governing Body, giving me a holistic view of all the work they do for the school.

Rob Chewter

I am married and have lived in Hildenborough for 35 years and am lucky that my daughter, son and five grandchildren live here also. I retired three years ago after a long and varied career which covered engineering, sales and all levels of management. My final position was running a very successful international communications company that employed over 100 people based in Redhill. My hobbies are golf and gardening and my wife and I are members of the National Trust and RHS. I now don't know how I found time for paid employment. The Governing Board is made up of a very committed group of people with a wide range of skills focused on supporting the Teachers and Staff in delivering an outstanding education to our pupils in a safe, happy, and rewarding environment and I am proud to be part of that Team. Also just a reminder that parent feedback is important to the Governing Board, so please feel free to raise any issues or concerns you have.

Ruth Dixon

Co-opted by Governing Body on 01.09.15

Hello my name is Ruth Dixon and I have been a governor at Stocks Green Primary School for the last 8 years. I originally lived in Hildenborough for 12 years and my 3 children all attended the school . They are now at secondary school but talk fondly of their time at Stocks Green. I am a primary school teacher and I teach locally at different schools on a supply basis . I am currently Vice-Chair of the governing board and until recently I was also chair of the Standards and Curriculum Committee. I have seen many changes over the past years but with the commitment and dedication of all the staff, parents and governors we continue to make sure that our children have an outstanding education and that Stocks Green remains such an integral part of the community. I am proud to be part of such a team.


Yvonne Buckley

Co-opted by Governing Body on 01.09.15

Andrea Woollett 

Clerk to Governors

I have been Clerk to the Governors of Stocks Green School for more than 12 years. I have always lived locally and was educated at Tonbridge Girls Grammar. I am married and have 2 sons who have 3 children each. One lives near me and the other in Devon - a great place to visit ! I worked as office administrator at Stocks Green school for 17 years which is of great benefit in my job as clerk. I was a Parish Councillor for a few years, belong to various local societies and am involved in volunteering roles at Tonbridge Baptist church. My main hobbies are walking with my dog , gardening, cooking , sewing, Tai Chi and "lunching with ladies ".